PHP Dashboard

We provide the template of Dashboard that integrated with Database. It is very simple code and easy to develop

Why PHP Dashboard

You must know your reasons why you should buy

Interactive Dashboard

Makes it easier for you to read data by visualizing it in the form of charts and graphs.

Multi-Language Support

Communication and user experience will be better because it can be used by users of various languages.

Secured Login

Cannot be attacked using SQL Injection because all input will be encrypted

Roles & Permissions

Manage your user access and permissions by yourself

Users Management

Manage your user data and also you can deactive his or her account login

Easy to Install and Setup

It's very easy to install, we use the CodeIgniter 4 Framework

Integration with PHP Form Generator

You can integrate PHP Dashboard with PHP Form Generator. You can get with Form Generator feature! So you can create the form less than 10 minutes!

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